Exploring The Bay: North Beach, SF

Being a new Bay Area resident, I always love to explore different areas and restaurants. Santa Barbara (where I grew up) is a much smaller city, so exploring San Francisco and all there is to do in this area is lots of fun!

Today a coworker and I walked from our office on the cusp of the Financial District up Vallejo Street and over into North Beach. What a charming neighborhood! There are lots of authentic Italian restaurants, coffee shops (like the famous, 50-year-old Caffe Trieste) and cute boutiques. We went to Nico’s Tacos for their Taco Tuesday deal and got 6 chicken, steak, and pork tacos which were delicious for only 5 bucks! We also had their shrimp & peach salad special, which was a unique and fresh side to our meaty tacos.

Perhaps the best part: the view from the top! Here’s a shot looking from the top of Vallejo back towards the Bay.

Beautiful! Gosh, I love this city.

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